Digital Realty Group is a global investment firm adept at navigating emerging markets. We are committed to delivering positive impact while seeking attractive commercial returns.
We are generalists with significant expertise in infrastructure, infrastructure services, and real assets, and target "middle market" commitments of $2,5 to $5 million, usually building from a small initial investment and increasing over time. We have invested over $10 million in compelling situations.
Fully engaged post-investment, we provide strategic advice and operational guidance to our portfolio companies. We also add value by leveraging our global networks and perspective to support cross-border expansion plans, and help manage relations with host governments.
Effective integration of global and local assessments, along with a willingness to be thoughtfully contrarian, distinguish our approach. For instance, we go beyond orthodox assumptions of political risk at the sovereign level, emphasizing instead a more specific assessment at the project or company level.
Our thematic approach and disciplined value orientation dictate a flexible mandate by geography, sector, and place in the capital structure. Narrower mandates often miss larger opportunities that cut across jurisdictions, regionally or globally. They can also magnify the volatility of outcomes, by encouraging deployment in sub-optimal investments with unattractive entry valuations.

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